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» Amin Anisha, Masters in International Business , PSB Academy.

Very Helpful in providing guidance for our educational purposes. Also handled all the queries very patiently at all times.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! Better relationships, more students, more dreams come true.

» Sonali Ashok Katkar, Masters in International Business , PSB Academy.

Very helpful, Always ready to help with full enthusiasm, a straight forward nature which helps in our personal development.


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» Aniket Roasaheb Shinde, MBA (University of New Castle), PSB Academy.

Careers N Options have played an important role for choosing my career, with good assistance in each and every aspect for selecting my field. Specially, Stella Maam, Rakesh Sir and Mithilesh Sir.
Key Role of Guidance: Proper guidance, co-operative and Helpful.

» Farhaad Khan, Hotel Management (Blue Mountains), INTI

One of the most amazing thing happened to me is that I came in contact with these people. Sir and Maam are very concerned about me and all the rest of the students, at first I was afraid of my future prospective and today I know what I’ll be going to do. Careers N Options has guided me at the most and I am very much thankful for their help.

» Abhishek Dubey , Bachelor of Business , PSB Academy.

Very good counseling , personalized attention. Excellent assistance by staff members for application and Visa took care of every single detail. I am feeling lucky to have such a teachers and counselors.

» Priyanka Vinod Dhundani, Bachelor of business , PSB Academy.

I love the team of “Careers N Options”. The entire team is very helpful, personalized attention, polite and supportive. Thank you, especially Stella Mam and Abha Mam.

» Jatin Kumar Vainsh, MBA (University of New Castle) , PSB Academy.

Thank you so much! For Guiding me the right track for studying overseas given & knowing my character & abilities as a person (student).The concrete & knowledgeable support really made things easy for me. I’m really grateful to Careers N Options.

» Manjiri Mukund Thakurdesai, Communication Studies, Limkokwing University of creative Technology.

I like Careers N Options because it is my turning point of my life , it’s my mile stone because I have got golden opportunities of my whole life for abroad education & this studies will help me in future life.

» Sanjay P.Shetake, Hotel Management (Blue Mountains), INTI University.

Careers N Options is a very good consultancy as compare to others .It has been such a wonderful experience with Careers N Options. I was very confused about my study plan abroad. Careers N Options are one who solved my big problem &shown me a bright way for my future .Thanks to all members of Careers N Options.

» Rajnish Atri, Masters of Software Engineering, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Services are good.

» Sonali Patel, Bachelors of business, PSB Academy

Careers N Options is a best path for your future. Give personal attention .The team understand the requirement. Lots of options available for students in regard to education abroad. I’m very much satisfied.

» Rajesh Mansingh, MBA (University of Greenwich) , ERC Institute

Amazing service with personalized attention. The team understands the requirement and caters to the need with adequate research. One stop shop for all the assistance required to build your career. Right from career counseling to departure assistance provided with at most zeal & care.

» Ankit Rajendra Yadav, Bachelors of Architecture, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Thanks a lot Careers N Options for guiding me to choose the correct career for me. Rakesh Sir, Stella Maam and Abha Maam you’ve been very helpful.

» Vivek Sinha, MBA in Project Management, Limkokwing University.

Very friendly advice considering the personal circumstances. Personal touch to the options and requirements and with tailor made advice you are simply superb. You are very patient. Thanks to all 3 of you – Rakesh, Stella and Abha.

» Siddharth Wadhwa, Culinary Arts (Kendall, School of Culinary Art), INTI University.

They have been very helpful in finding the right college for me. Helping me to shape up my future. Thank you for giving my career a great kick start.

» Kaustav Choudhari, P G Diploma in Hospitality Management, Dimensions International College

It is my life time opportunities in study & work in Singapore. So this consultancy help me lot to achieve my good. I do suggest to my friend also if anyone has interest to go in Singapore please do contact with. Careers N Options.

» Deepak Govind Vichare, MBA (University of Greenwich), ERC Institute.

Consultants are very good. Got good enough of information about Courses & College.

» Siddhesh Sawant, Bachelors in International Hospitality Management, Vatel.

Careers N Options is one of the best institutions which I have come across. The Services, the faculty everything is good. I had my good experience with this institute. And for my bright future Careers N Options Plays a Very important role.

» Abhijith, MBA (University of Wolverhampton ) - ERC Institute

One of the best agencies (consultant) to guide and reach you to the destination. Thank You!

» Kris Jason Dsouza, MBA (University of Wolverhampton ) - ERC Institute.

Careers N Options is the best.

» Rohaan Pinto Lobo, bachelors of architecture , Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.

Excellent service, very friendly made my admission into university a personal goal and followed through effectively .A very good, comforting experience.

» Ajex Ashok , Bachelors of Business Administration , INTI International University, Malaysia

Careers N’ Options has always helped students to make a bright future. I am studying in INTI University –all the credit goes to study in and Careers N’ Options. Thank You. Keep up the good work.

» Hafsa Khan, Bachelors in Architecture, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia

The services and faculty are appreciating and very supportive. It is an honor to know such respectful consultants. Glad to take a new step and heartiest thank to each and every member. Thank you Careers N’ Options and!

» Seep Bhawanani , MBA (University of Greenwich) , ERC Institute

I’ve been to several counselors within Mumbai, met several representatives. Careers N’ Options is officially my favorite. They know what they are doing, have the friendliest approach and get you where you want to be. They strive to give you the best most continently and are extremely helpful.

» Rohit Matta , American Degree Transfer Programme (Business), INTI International University, Malaysia

I would like to thank Careers N’ Options from bottom of my heart. They helped me chose appropriate course and University .They helped me from my admission, Visa to my travel arrangement, post landing assistance everything. Keep the great work. I would recommend them to all my friends.

» Prabhakar Gangurde , Bachelors’ in Information Technology, Limkokwing university of Creative Technology

After visiting Careers N’ Options I got all information of Malaysia. The counselor was very friendly and cleared all my doubts. Right from my application to visas and accommodation I got all assistance in a thoroughly professional way would recommend Careers N’ Options to all my friends looking for studies in Malaysia. All the best and keep up the good work.

» Rakshya Kunwar , Bachelors of Business Administration

I really wonder if there are any other consultancies in this country like Careers N’ Options. Keep the great work & Thank You again!

» Angad Nayyar, Bachelors in Architecture , Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia

You guys are wonderful. Treated me like family. Keep up the good work! I owe you my life. Thanks a ton!!

» Rajni Rana, MBA in leisure & Tourism Management , Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia

The name Careers N’ Options, but when you come to this place you don’t require any other option. It feels like home away from home. “Thanks” is a small word. I would say I just LOVE YOU guys.

» Amit Nemane , MBA in Leisure & Tourism

Your passion for what you do was evident in every call and email. I am totally impressed by how efficiently Careers N’ Options has helped me from arranging the offer letter to Visa and to safe arrival in Malaysia. I can say Careers N’ Options assist students with human touch which is utterly important for any business or consultancy and one of the most important business acumen.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! Better relationships, more students, more dreams come true.

» Preetam Hegde , MBA (Sydney Business School) , INTI International University, Malaysia

Entire teams of CAREERS N OPTIONS are very supportive & ensure we reach our target. They have good knowledge about admission & settlement, which they keep sharing with us time to time.Thanks a lot! You the entire team, especially Stella & Rakesh.

» Satish Shetty, Journalism & Broadcasting , Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia

I am totally impressed by your work and services. Thank you for your guidance and outstanding service .Love you guys.

» Nikhil Lokhande, Bachelors of Design (Honors) in Professional Design (Visual Communication), Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia

Nice agency explained the procedure & helped me achieve my dream University.
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