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Test of English as a Foreign Language (or TOEFL, pronounced "toe-full" or sometimes "toffle") evaluates the potential success of an individual to use and understand Standard American English at a college level. It is required for non-native applicants at many English-speaking colleges and universities .Throughout the world. Additionally, institutions such as government agencies, businesses, or scholarship programs may require this test. A TOEFL score is valid for two years and then is deleted from the official database. Colleges and universities usually consider only the most recent score. The TOEFL test is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS) and is administered worldwide including in India.

More than 9,000 colleges, universities and agencies in 130 countries accept TOEFL test scores. You can even use your TOEFL scores to satisfy visa requirements in Australia and the U.K.

TOEFL is required by all colleges and universities in North America. The purpose of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is to evaluate the English Proficiency of people whose native language is not English and wishing to study at college and university in the United States and Canada. A number of medical certification and licensing agencies require TOEFL test scores. TOEFL score is also required by several colleges and universities outside North America.







The TOEFL is now computerized and can be taken any day all over India. The exam consists of 4 sections: Listening Comprehension, Structure, Reading Comprehension and Writing. There is no penalty for wrong answers, but all questions of Sections1&2 must be answered.

The demand for test seats remains very high: Candidates have to wait for months since short-term test dates are fully booked. The four-hour test consists of four sections, each measuring mainly one of the basic language skills (although some tasks may require multiple skills) and focusing on language used in an academic, higher-education environment. Note-taking is allowed during the iBT. The test cannot be taken more than once a day.

  What is difference between TOEFL iBT and TOEFL PBT ?

   The TOEFL iBT® test is administered via the Internet, and the TOEFL PBT test is administered in a paper-delivered format. The TOEFL PBT test is being phased out.

• The TOEFL iBT test measures reading, listening, speaking and writing skills. It is offered more than 50 times a year and is administered online at testing sites around the world.

• The TOEFL PBT test measures reading, listening, grammar and writing skills and is currently offered only in locations where testing via the Internet is not available.


The reading section consists of 3 to 5 long passages and questions about the passages. The passages are on academic topics; they are the kind of material that might be found in an undergraduate university textbook. Students answer questions about main ideas, details, inferences, sentence restatements, sentence insertion, vocabulary, function and overall ideas. New types of questions in the iBT require paraphrasing, filling out tables, or completing summaries. Generally prior knowledge of the subject under discussion is not necessary to come to the correct answer, though a priori knowledge may help.


It consists of six long passages and questions about the passages. The passages consist of two student conversations and four academic lectures or discussions. The questions ask the students to determine main ideas, details, function, stance, inferences, and overall organization.


It consists of six tasks, two independent tasks and four integrated tasks. In the two independent tasks, students must answer opinion questions about some aspect of academic life. In two integrated reading, listening, and speaking tasks, students must read a passage, listen to a passage, and speak about how the ideas in the two passages are related. In two integrated listening and speaking tasks, students must listen to long passages and then summarize and offer opinions on the information in the passages. Test takers are expected to convey information, explain ideas, and defend opinions clearly, coherently, and accurately.


The Writing Section consists of two tasks, one integrated task and one independent task. In the integrated task, students must read an academic passage, listen to an academic passage, and write about how the ideas in the two passages are related. In the independent task, students must write a personal essay.

Time for each Section

READING - 3 to 4 passages and 36 to 56 questions (60 – 80 minutes) Reading Section (Score of: 0–30)

LISTENING - Listen to Lectures , classroom discussion and conversations and 34-51 questions (60-90 minutes) Listening Section (Score of: 0–30)

SPEAKING - 6 tasks (Express an opinion on topics )and 6 questions (20 minutes) Speaking Section (Score of: 0–30)

WRITING - 2 tasks ( Write essays) and 6 questions (55 minutes) Writing Section (Score of: 0–30)

• Total Score (0–120)

It should be noted that at least one of the sections of the test will include extra, uncounted material. Educational Testing Service includes extra material to try out material for future tests. If the test taker is given a longer section, he must work hard on all of the materials because he does not know which material counts and which material is extra. For example, if there are four reading passages instead of three, three of the passages will count and one of the passages will be not counted. It is possible that the uncounted passage could be any of the four passages.

Test Scores
• The iBT version of the TOEFL test is scored on a scale of 0 to 120 points.

• Each of the four sections (Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing) receives a scaled score from 0 to 30. The scaled scores from the four sections are added together to determine the overall score.

• Speaking is initially given a score of 0 to 4, and writing is initially given a score of 0 to 5. These scores are converted to scaled scores of 0 to 30.

TOP UK Universities that Accept TOEFL
• University of Cambridge
• Imperial College of London
• London School of Economics
• London Business School
• University of Bradford
• University of Warwick
• University of Glasgow

Top USA Universities that Accept TOEFL
• Arizona State Universities (minimum score required is 83)
• Auburn University (score: 80, 20 in each section)
• Case Western Reserve University
• School of Graduate Studies (score: 79)

Top Australian Universities that Accept TOEFL
• ANU College, Canberra
• Australian International Hotel School, Canberra
• International College of Management, Sydney
• Raffles College of Design and Commerce, North Sydney
• Sydney Film School, Waterloo

Top New Zealand Universities that Accept TOEFL
• Columba College
• Otago Polytechnic
• Unitec Institute of Technology
• Lincoln University
• Wellington Business School
• Victoria University of Wellington It is essential that you visit the web page of the university where you wish to get admission to find out the minimum TOEFL score requirement. The TOEFL score is valid for two years.

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